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Melee vs the rest of us

May 23, 2015
After careful consideration and over 300 battles the only problem with PVP is this. Finding away to prevent melee from rushing to non melee opponent. That is it really. Yes Buccaneers can cast their movement buff and the entire team can rush over and kill your team in one or two rounds. Swashbucklers can hide their entire team and come at you and kill your entire team in two or three rounds casting assassins shroud to prevent heals as well in essence shutting you down before you even have time to cast but one card. In most cases we are forced to cast a valor or something to try and stay alive. As a witch it is worse than anyone as we do not have time to even get a juju or some other buff or protection to our companions. We have Scratch now who can boost our spell and will but don't even have time to move them away from each other to prevent chained attacks. Training FSX3 to try and catch a sneak attack is wasteful and seriously prevents our own chain attacks. Trying to use Ratbeard to hold the line doesn't work. And since witches primarily have 0 armor to begin with we are the most vulnerable. So my suggestion is not nerfing anything but adding some spell that protects or debuffs a melee class. Or better yet something passive that does not require a card. Or maybe a push back or ghost armor spell. Something anything that can give us an extra round or two to do something. We all have good damage output but not being able to use it is frustrating. Please let's not go another season with no reward for our hard work. We do try and considering their are so many melee that already have this seasons champion weapon that should tell you something. That is all. KI can we get a response and tell us your ideas and what you are considering. Thanks.