it could've been any one's game

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
Yesterday me and my best friend was playing a pvp match. We were fighting against 2 max bucks a max priv and a max wizard vs a max swash(that's my firend) & a level 61 priv (that's me) a max witch docter and a level 19 wizard. At first me and my friend was like we are so dead because of the priv he buffed critical and dodging power and i did some of the same thing. he killed all of the lvl 19 crew mates before he left. that's when i said we might have a chance to win this. But after a few turns those critical and heals and dodge caught up to us. his body was gone (not in the weird way) but his tracks was clear enough to put the victory on the to bucks. then when i put out my powers things got a little better me and my friend.we were battlling the 2 bucks crew while the our witch docter ally was fighting the other witch docter. the one buck that was on the back was climbing up with damage protection buffs and the other was doing the same thing but we did it in our face while both of their crew was fight their's first my emmet healed us a bit that put us back in front but after that he died by the foe's nausica she was op. I was the one of the buccaneers target and my friend well let's just say he was the center of attention. that attention almost got him killed but i took care of him mean while one of the bucks hawkules was attacking me and my friend hawkules attacks his. and killed him after that buck at the back came up from above and struck my friend in the back. he tried to fend him and his crew off but i knew he couldn't do it alone i sent my cat beard to the rescue but the sad thing is i underestimated him Cat beard attacks hardly did anything and the guy responded. he killed cat beard and my El Toro with it. i knew i couldn't take that laying down. so both bucks were attacking me while jacob was fight their crew and the 2 wizards was slugging it out on the other side. our wizard and his crew won that war and he came on our side to help. and i gave jacob that spirit sheild cause he was about to die. but when i was to worried about him the bucks was about to kill me. then jacob healed me enough to last the whole fight. and jacob killed one of the bucks. and the wizard killed his crew. then i healed every body then that buck had a lot of damage protection but we didn't give up that wizard crew killed the last buck. we thought it was all over. But there was one more his Bonnie Anne. she fought long and hard but couldn't beat all 6 of us. we won. 6-0 it could've been any one game it was so evenly matched but we didn't give up. if it wasn't for that wizard saving our necks at the last minute we would've lost. out of 16 of us 6 of us survived that war. that was my greatest victory yet.

Bold Eric Vane