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How to beat pirate classes 2!

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Nov 23, 2012
Hey guys i know some of you people think a same topic with the 2 at the end is cheesy but i want to help people and since the update has change pirate classes, i wanted to show you how a new way to beat them(btw these new ranks is STILL my personal opinion and not true facts from a website or book)

1st bucks

2nd bucklers

3rd witch dr

4th privy

5th muskets

The reason why bucks are first cause of their hard armor and major bubble buffs their human tanks trust me i know but every thing has a catch even the top p101 class in my opinion. a witch dr can beat bucks blindfolded without their staffs. bucks have no base resist and can hardly find any in buck gear. so spells, guns and that golden staff in the crown shop could kill a buck with no concern. btw the have just as many physical epics as bucklers so which still useless to witch dr considering the fact that witch drs don't charge and hit in front

bucklers and witch dr have switch positions but witch dr can still beat bucklers due to their low resist but the reason why theri 2nd in list is because they do the most damage and their shadow dance have increased and bucklers can beat witch dr to but i'll talk about that later. and bucklers have just as many epics as bucks so bucklers are like baby bucks with low armor bucklers would be on top still if they could block damage and have bubble buffs.

now witch dr can easily top bucklers just as much as bucklers can beat witch dr. it's the same thing with bucks too but witch drs can hit at a position where they can't be hit and the buck can fall into the trap and die before he can reach his foe but that doesn't usally happen but witch dr can wound a buck before it comes but a witch dr have no armor they're resisters so a buck and a buckler can beat a witch dr

privyies had a MAJOR drop off after the update they were op cause their zeal and corps was 10 turns and nobody could touch them because they dodged and blocked a lot and their heals and shield and damage
now their zeal is 3 turns and corps is 5 turns and privy don't have that strike or charge like the bucks and bucklers do. but they are still deadly due to valor's and heals and they still have zeal and corps and their armor and resist are pretty equal so you just need their now short buffs to burn out then attack. and privy don't have any base armor but they can easily find it (sometimes)

i didn't see much change in muskets except their bomb move is based on spell power now and they can keep their distance and still beat bucks but muskets have no armor so if that buck comes heh heh R.I.P but that don't happen on the very first turn nut muskets can still beat bucklers and bucks

i hope you have some good use to this but this
Bold Eric Vane