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Help My Musketeer!

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
So, I have a musketeer with an unusual amount of no auction gear that some of my other musketeer friends would die for. Recently I decided I really wanted the Musketeer Champion's Rifle for it's amazing range (any power it comes with is just icing on the cake), but I have no idea where to start building my strategy. I've heard lots of different ideas but I don't have any experienced PVP musketeer friends to listen to, so if any of you are musketeers who have the Musketeer Champion's Rifle, I beg ye to help me out here.

Okay, let's start with Weapons:

Novablaster, Phrygian Frostlock, Swivel Gun, or Nefarious Staff?


Bombs+Super Strike, or Valor's Armor?


Bombs+Trap, Valor's Armor, Hide, or Revive?


Trap+Super Strike, Revive, Inferno Shot, Hide, or Levi's Call?


Burst Fire, Bombs+Super Strike, Sniper Shot+Increased Mojo, Fort, or Beast Banner?


Trap+Bombs, Revive, Fort, or Armor?


Trap+Super Strike, Revive, Sky Spirit, or Levi's Call?


So that's the options I have for my gear. Next are companions; which should I use (or change)?

Bonnie: Overwatch 3, Double Tap 2, Burst Fire 2, and Return Fire 1.

Chantal: Overwatch 3, Double Tap 2, Burst Fire 2.

Nausica: True Grit 2, Burst Fire 2, Quick Adjust 1, and Double Tap 1.

Old Scratch: Improved Mojo Blast 3, Mojo Echo 3, and Witch Hunter 1.

Gracie: HtL 2, Blade Storm 1, Vengeance Strike 1, and Second Chance 1.

Luis: Overwatch 3, Quick Draw 3, and Double Tap 1.


Lastly, what strategies should I use?

Petty Officer
Nov 22, 2010
For whatever it's worth, here is the gear that my 21-11 musket uses.
Tower Hat
Absorb Robe
Hide Boots or Levy
Swivel Gun or Novablaster
Tower Totem or Revive
Fort Charm
Fort Ring

Chantal, Nausica, Old Scratch in that order. Or Scratch, Chantal, Nausica.
If it's a buccaneer or buckler, just wait. Use a 10 round scratch buff to pop a 1500 absorb on Chantal or Sica, and just wait for the highlands charge/black fog. Then just scratch 100%, drop super bombs on the opponent and claim scrip. For muskets, it depends on what they do. If they are defensive, fort Nausica, agility buff, and send in the mighty Nausica. For privateers, spread out to dodge bombs, but leave Scratch next to you. Improv. For witchdoctors, play aggressive. They will our range and out mournsong you. Chantal snipe, fort Nausica, and attack.
Good luck my fellow gun users,
Matthew Walker