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Help getting scrip

Jul 22, 2013
I've just got back to P101 after a very long break and there is a lot of new stuff. I left just around when scrip started becoming a thing and now I need to get some so I can get a good pet and good weapon. I was wondering if someone could help me get scrip. Like farm smuggler's arena or something. Thanks

Feb 05, 2011
I suggest ship farming. Not only does it increase you nautical level, you can get some scrip from it. Frankly, though, if you want a good weapon, jist go to the bazaar and buy one. As for pets, you get one through the main story line ( cool ranch)

Oct 26, 2013
go to avery square and there will be a few people wanting to do smugglers in a day. if you do this you might have to fight four people worth of enemies with someone low level basically three on four. there are plenty of bosses that drop pets and if you get a rare one then you can get it better because everyone at the morphing tent will want it (the amount of people who want clownfish is funny) i am so sorry for that.anyways ship sinking gives about three scrip per boat which is nothing i havent found any really good ways to get scrip smugglers arena take two hours and ship sinking doesnt give enough to get anything in a month! there arent any good strategies because all of them take forever.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Some questions - What level is your pirate? What is your nautical level? What pet and weapon are you looking for - in other words, what is your Scrip goal?

Some ideas:

1) Get 100,000 gold so you can buy a Smuggler's Cove house -- use the wishing well daily. Most of the time you will get gold, but every now and then you will get Scrip - anywhere up to 100 at a time.

2) Meet up with others for the Smuggler's Arena or the Pirate's Regatta. The Arena is harder (to me), but normal battles. The Regatta (I think) is more fun and doesn't take as long, but you have to be fairly decent at nautical battles as well as the battleboard, and less Scrip per trip through. More than simple solo ship sinking - 100-200 per Regatta, with luck.

3) Find a "wolf pack" that is fighting ships. They used to be in Avery Realm Aquila, fighting The Kerberos, pretty often in the evenings, but now they may have moved on to Calabria Skyway, fighting The Pretender. Anywhere you can find at least one other pirate to sink ships with you is good, because you can sink them faster and increase your Scrip yield.

4) Sink Ships -- the highest you can reach, and your scrip balance will steadily increase.

Good Luck!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Ship battles are the best and easiest way to get scrip. The amount of scrip dropped depends on the level of the ship and area that you're ship hunting in. The best rates are in the higher level worlds - Marleybone, Aquila, & Valencia2.
When I was collecting scrip for the smuggler's outfit and boots from the Black Market, I was constantly farming The Hart of Gold near the Trafalgar Tempest in Marleybone, his drops were consistent at about 5 - 12 scrip. He also had a quick re-spawn ( about 1 - 2 minutes ) and with an Aquilan Galleon he was easy, so I could solo him.
I also own a Smuggler's Arena, which is great for a good boost to scrip; about 400 - 500 scrip ( if you managed to complete it ). However it's not easy and will put your companions on bed rest if they are defeated. I usually did it in the evening so my crew would be available the next day.