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Future of PvP?

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
The future of Pirate PvP looks glum, at least until the new update comes out. I think they need to change a few things in order for PvP to be more balanced.

Powers- Privy is now the class that everyone plays now. It's the class that seems to have lost a lot of versatility and use of strategy and timing. Right now, it seems that to a Privy, "timing" means using discord round 1. The problem that I see is not blast of discord in general, although I do think it needs a limit of the number of possible hits, but the fact that the other classes lost some love. The other classes didn't really get powers that are as competitive as boon and discord. I say that next update, privy gets the short end of the stick (power wise) and discord be limited to 2 hits per companion, while the other classes get backup power wise.

Companions- Even after the new update, companions have remained the same for the following classes: witch, musket, buck, privy. Buckler was the only class where companions haven't exactly stayed the same, changing it up between fan, toro, goro, nausica, and contessa. Next update, we should get new companions, but different companions. We need to stray away from the companions that we have. Maybe have muskets get a companion that can counter nausica without having to spend more crowns, or witches getting a companion that has a greater variety of powers and epics.