Nov 26, 2012
I've noticed that people generally agree that Swashbucklers are meant to do the highest damage, with buccaneers next, then privateers. I'm not that sure about witchdoctors and musketeers since they range between these three constantly, but I've seen a problem in damage statistics. Buccaneers, with the new (well, not really new but you get it) smashy and smashy/slashy weapons such as Axe of the Minotaur Lords and Hykssoss' Falchion and etc., have pulled quite a bit ahead of bucklers in term of damage, since the best stabby or stabby/slashy weapon bucklers can use efficiently are the blades of shade, while Coetl's Needles are another popular choice (both these weapons deal at least 7 damage less than the smashy weapons). Even privateers rival bucklers in terms of damage if they use these weapons, which nearly all of them do, and they're meant to be a defense class! The highest I've dealt with a smashy/slashy weapon is about 2,250 damage on an epic hit, with two strength buffs (squids and whale's might) along with a hidden, and this is higher than my average 2,100 damage with a stabby/slashy weapon. However, a buccaneer that I 1v1'ed achieved this damage without using a hidden or Juju (he had one shark's fury buff) with a mega hit. I've also seen a privateer deal about 2,100 with an epic hit (with a hidden however). This either needs to be fixed in the next update by changing stats, or allowing there to be stronger stabby or stabby slashy weapons.

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2013


Face to Face combat:

Key - = Witchdoctor = Bucks = Musketeer = Privateer = Swashbuckler
Bucks weapons are more powerful because they can pick up HUGE swords that is part of the class.
Swashbucklers need to stay light so they are a LITTLE more weak but swashes still do more damage Power wise.

May 12, 2011
I believe buccaneers are supposed to cause average damage, and swashbucklers are supposed to cause more than that, cause they literally have no armor or resist skills, and they are supposed to be quick and deadly. Quite annoying but they have a lot more dodge than any other class (or at least they should), but my swashbuckler is only about average on dodging. I have to rely on elusive in order to actually dodge most of the time. Overall, even though have more damaging weapons, they most likely have to have an accuracy bonus in order to hit more often. Or else fs (fs=first strike), fs, fs, vs (vs=vengeance strike), miss, riposte, vs, miss, riposte, vs, miss riposte. I advise on that to get accuracy bonus (and dodge if you want) and lower swashbuckler's accuracy. have lower accuracy, so even one reduce accuracy has an effect on the swashbuckler, sure they still have the dodge but that is what bonnie anne is for .