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Companion spotlight fight: Catbeard vs ratbeard

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2019
So, someone asked if I could make a rat vs cat fight.The rules are: the one with the longest beard wins!
I'm only joking. And now:

Ratbeard: pro: He is the best rat in the game, using repel boarders, first strike, and hold the line, and maybe a little cheap shot, he can stop any enemy in it's tracks. con: Muskets and Witchdoctors usually attack him from afar, being to scared to get in close. Pro: rat beard tends to critical every reel boarders with me. con: He is very hard to centre, not knowing what talents to give him could throw off his amazing builds.

And now, the cat in boots, er I mean hat, Catbeard ladies and gentlemen and any other species that are reading.

Catbeard: pro: He can counter people very nicely, playing the role of a swash buckler, and also able to protect others with repel boarders. con: he isn't to stable, and sometimes relentless and ripost will get him into even more trouble than he was in.Pro: he is able to sneak along unoticed by people because they usually aim at the higher damage guys, but catbird can surprise them with his expert accuracy and dodgy skills. con: muskets could stop him in his tracks. when he charges forward, muskets usually attack him if he's right in the open. He has a reputation of attacking overwatchcers...

There you have it! And you get to vote on who is better. Have a good life... x ratbeard gets knocked out by catbeard x