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Companion gear in pvp

Oct 20, 2012
As 2021 has brought us great news about pirate101 possibly getting an update I wanted to put an idea out there that I have had for a while. Companion gear, I think companions should be able to wear some of the gear that the pirate has stored.
how it will work:
Tier s companions can wear 2. sets of gear. An example of a tier s is Pete, contessa, fan Chantal etc.
Tier a companions can wear 3. an example of a tier a is wagyu, toro, rat beard
Tier b companions can wear 4. an example of a tier b is spirit of returning Battle tested beast master
And tier c companions can wear 5. An example of tier c is all the companions people will probably never use in pvp.

The type of gear they can wear will have limitations so a tier chart is made. This will exclude weapons or pets.
They can’t wear purge the shrimps helmet or any gear set the gives a tricky or unfair advantage in pvp and they can only where gear respective to there class so no class mixing for them. What they can wear is fort gear healing gear stat gear buff gear and attack gear that does not give big attacks like assassin super charge and soul reaver. Let me know people of pirate.

Gunner's Mate
Sep 04, 2018
I love the idea of companion gear for PvP play, as it in no way affects non PvP play, and therefore would be way better to do for pirate101 than having PvP pirate equipment.

Also, if this comes out for PvP play, then so too should PvP play pet equipment.

I'd also like to be able to ride my mount when in PvP play. Perhaps when you rank up high enough in PvP you suddenly appear in PvP upon your mount indicating that you are knight class.