Buffing Stone Bastion and limiting buffs.

Jul 09, 2009
I've thought of a small solution to an issue regarding buffs. I think a solution lies in an amazing, but horribly underpowered ability called Stone Bastion.

Stone Bastion's range is pretty low right now. A range of 3 isn't going to be a big help, so perhaps a range of 5 or even infinite range?

My idea would significantly buff Stone Bastion and slightly nerf universal buffs. When used, Stone Bastion can divide the entire playing field cutting the line of sight for ranged units and preventing melee units that do not have jump to pass until a stalagmite has been destroyed. Buffing it so that teammates on the other side of the bastion will not receive universal buffs will make it pretty helpful in PvP. Unitss with the Ability "Jump," will still be able to go across without destroying any parts of the wall.

Right now Stone Bastion's walls are very low in terms of health and should be raised to at least 800. The health would increase with the user's level of course. This would allow the bastion to stay longer onto the field instead of being broken by a simple AoE attack.

This would also allow Purge Magic to become more viable in PvP. Charging units stacked with buffs like Goronado and Nausica can have them removed or perhaps stolen (a mechanic people have suggested) and would be cut off from the main source of their tanking until that bastion has been broken and they've moved back to the same side of the unit(s) trying to buff them.