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a big suggestion

May 13, 2011
it might not be a very 'big' suggestion, but thats what i could come up with. i was thinking about ways of improving pvp as its in its 'beta version' right now

one thing would be special arenas like in W101, coming in small, medium, and large maps. they would also have obstacles that can be toggled like this: none, obstacles, hazards, mixed. the benefits?

people cant wander in the middle of the battlefield but can still watch
it would give more variety
people can customize the arena exactly how they want it
it can give people a new strategy to develop

another thing would be gamemodes. this was included in a thread i saw before, but i cant find it any place now so i think its lost in the crowd. here are the modes

team battle: the current one we have

free for all: dont rely on teammates anymore. every person are all by themselves

boss battle: the same, except one player on each team will be the boss. if the boss is defeated, the team that defeated him/her wins. a boss will be chosen by player votes. you cant vote on yourself. if theres a tie, there will be a dice roll to decide between the tied bosses. if there are less people on one team, the boss gets to pick more companions. an example is if there are 2 players on red team and 4 players on the blue, the red boss gets to pick 5 companions rather than 3. the boss also becomes more powerful depending on how many players there are

capture the flag: a player captures goes to the other side to get to a flag tile, then to their own to capture the flag. only one player can carry a flag at the time. if the one carrying the flag is defeated, itll return to the tile. it can be toggled between 1, 3, 5, or 10 flag captures for victory. the game ends if a team is wiped out of if the correct amount of flags are captured

timed battle: one team will have to defeat the other team before time runs out while the other team tries to survive. its a mixed time trial/survival mode. the attacker team and defender team is chosen randomly

collect the sprites: this is a collecting mode, hence the name. wisps will spawn on the field and players need to collect 5 of them. one who collects 5 wins for the team. once a player collects a wisp, the player will start glowing white and the glow gets more visible as the player collects more. after 5 wisps are collected, the character will be entirely white and the screen itself will turn white. the winner team is then chosen. this can also be free for all

hardcore: can be team or free for all. this is for players who feel tough. all stats are halved, theres a 10 second timer and defeated pirates cant be revived. at team, friendly fire is possible

companions only: let the companions fight without your help

pirates only: fight without companions. tough for players who have to rely on them

thats what i think would improve pvp a LOT. oh, and a ranked versio

sneaky george quarton, the pvp buccaneer

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
Aug 16, 2010
Another suggestion like in w101 they should make it so that there can be unlimited battles going on at one time

Nov 28, 2008
Très fantastique! I find this to be one of the better PvP suggestions. Though I think the boss battle part may not work out, the rest of the ideas are amazing. Definitely a great way to expand PvP and make it more popular. As it stands now, not too many people enjoy PvP and it's not just 'because it's in beta of course everyone hates it'. To me it's really bland. I guess that's to be expected but still great idea!

Jul 26, 2011
another thing could be having classes verse another class like swashbucklers verses musketeers

-Luke Carter