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Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
I noticed the buccaneer thread is still going on EVEN after the new update to improve buccaneers. I just wanted to clear things up, (In my opinion anyways) Buccaneer has tons and tons of epics more than any other class, and sometimes they ask for relentless? I mean I am a privateer and they should be happy with what they have. Because us privateers only have 3 epics 1 only unique to our class, but we don't need epics because we buff anyways. I wouldn't complain about more having more epics Ki has given you a lot. I don't think buccaneer is bad, I think its a hard class to play correctly. With a low amount of powers but their outstanding powers! I mean everyone uses levy call if it wasn't good why would they use it? Anyways if you go back to wicked victor Armstrong post on the other buccaneer thread. That link is one of the best examples of how good buccaneer can be if played right. I hope you all agree cya!