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Wounded Companions

Dec 16, 2012
This is now the 4th time I have tried to post this . I do not know why but this forum software seems to hate me. So I instead of typing the full post that I took a while to type, here is the quick version: The fact that a high level companion having to be in bed rest for 5 hours before you can use them again. I believe that the time should be the level of the companion multiplied by 1.1 and then maybe a little less time for swashbuckler companions (because they are so squishy). Second: If someone closes or flees a battle, companions should only faint if they are under half health, instead of if any damage has been done to them. I have more to say on this topic, but I am really annoyed with the forums right now and want to send this right now so I don't accidentally delete this one too.