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World Ideas

Aug 28, 2019
Hey guys I just want to know if there left overs that people forgot to add. Please bring ideas to Kingslsle because I want to know there can be more lavels and maps with that variety.

My idea is Lighting Island where there is full of Storm Sharks and there is also a pirate crew called the Storm Cuttroats that are Buccaneers that use electricity and the storm as weapons.

Lighting Island also has a hidden treasure called the Storm Crest that will give the player storm cuttroat outfit , a storm weapons, gears and a Storm Totem.

Lighting Island is always raining and brewing up a storm. Has two highest mountains and some of the grass is drying out due to lighting strucks.

Alltough I want to add more about this world or any of your own world ideas. Feel free to add in suggestions about the world here.