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"Wolf's Grievance" thoughts

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I think I was remembering how that quest in Book 7 in Cool Ranch, "Wolf's Grievance", went out, & I think there are a few thoughts I should speak of & listen, if you please.

1. I think I remember spotting some dialogue grammar errors, both in text & I think in voice, quite notably, Frogfather's dialogue lines, "My business parter, Joey Karo, has betrayed me.", & "Convince him the error of his ways, and I will gladly give some of my Grumort to you.". I think you may need to look through these errors & correct them.

2. Speaking of Joey Karo, I honestly don't know what he's doing in a major storyline quest, but I can tell you that he's much more of a recurring side foe than a recurring major storyline enemy, one of which who returns after being defeated, & that he has no involvement in the main story, other than the theft of Grumwort. I think that should have been handled by someone else. He was quite an opponent in "The MooShu Falcon", but I don't think I ever recall Joey Karo reacting to us encountering each other again after we thwarted his plot to sell the MooShu Falcon, with Marcus thrown in the plot. If you ask me, I think that part of the quest should be changed by replacing Joey Karo with a new boss enemy, along the name change of that instance, which is currently named, "Karo's Lair", in Flotsam, to coincide with the replacement new boss enemy taking his place, both as the recurring major storyline boss, & the Grumwort theft involvement in that part of the major storyline quest.

Those are my thoughts about it. What do you think? Hope you can make these changes soon.

Thanks once again for listening!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
I've got it!!!
Here's a replacement for Joey Karo!!!

Moe Corshi
Level 22 Goblin Bandit
HP: 1,660
Blade Storm
Vengeance Strike x2
Hold the Line x2
First Strike

Ello, lil' boy. Wos' happenin' with ya bargin' inta here? Alrighty, buds. Wanna make da lad fly out da windah?

Enough o'dat! Ya can take any o' my Grumwort! C'mon buds, da lad got our Grumwort. We doomed.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
That's quite a nice thought of a boss enemy replacement to Joey Karo, though, it would be a bit more suited to Skull Island's theme. Still, it's nice. May do very well to have another recurring foe in later quests in the main storyline instead of him.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know how we encountered him again in the main story after we thwarted his plot to sell Avery's MooShu Falcon, but later recurring encounters with Joey Karo should be for later side quests involving him after that, not as part of the main storyline.

Anybody else have thoughts to this?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I'll say this honesty, I've read somewhere on the Wizard101 game update notes that Cuthalla, being an existent boss in Celestia, had a duplicate boss of the same name from one of the summoning pylons' bosses after finishing the side quest "Summoning Pylons", however, at some point, that boss was replaced by a different one, named Yogash to take that duplicate boss' place. Good thing, because duplicate bosses in different quests don't make real sense, unless they only make it a recurring boss for later encounters.

It was really nice of the W101 team to place in a different boss to do away with a duplicate of the boss already in another one of that world's side quests, so I feel that after fighting Karo in Blood Shoals & in Jonah Town, I feel that Joey in Flotsam should be replaced by a different boss taking his place there, & one that will probably suit well to a new recurring rival in later main story chapters.

Our later new repeating encounters with Joey Karo may be nice, but this should be reserved for new side quests instead of a part of a main storyline quest. He may return with a vengeance after thwarting him someday...

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I know that character Mark Laveer came up with is real nice & all, however, I think it would be a bit too tough for low level Pirates & it needs to suit to Skull Island well.

Perhaps I have thought up of a proper character to replace Joey Karo in "Wolf's Greivance". What do you think of this for a different boss enemy to replace Joey Karo in that main storyline quest?


Level 22 - Frog Pirate (Musketeer) - Boss
Frog Smuggler 1,052 Health
Overwatch (Rank 2)
Quick Draw (Rank 2)
Double Tap (Rank 1)
Return Fire (Rank 1)


That's perfect, lads! We've hijacked enough Grumwort to make our fortune! We'll be retirin' from piratin' in no time, once we sell the Grumwort to the Black Market. Just a matter of time before...

Hey... what's the big idea crashin' into our auction house?! Ye ain't supposed to be here until the bidding starts! If ye've come to swipe the Grumwort we stole from that dopey Frogfather, ye be very dim!

We've spent many months tryin' to smuggle the Grumwort outta his smugglin' joint, an' now, he's too late to catch on to us! We're not gonna give it all up 'cause of yer sneakin' around!

I knows he sent yas, 'cause I can smell that nasty scent of the Frogfather's 'orrible musty odor on yas! Lads, whaddya say we push 'ese gate crashers out o' our auction house real fast? Get 'em!


No more! We can't take 'is 'orrible thrashin' o' yers no more! Ye want all this stupid Grumwort?! Take it! Take it all! The Frogfather's gonna make us croak fer sure, and not in a good way!

Surely that would make for a proper character to be one of the recurring rivals in later main storyline chapters, yes?