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Wizards and Pirates go to Mooshu but...

Petty Officer
Jul 18, 2012
Why have they never had an encounter!
Would it be amazing if there was thing where we could pay like 5000 crowns or something and we could link our pirate and wizard and get a boost in the battles!

Pirate Boost) A companion would be made to model the wizards looks level and type were there would be no powers but the wizard would like use there weapon to fight enemies.

Wizard Boost) 5 cards of your pirate would be made and given to you (your school) and it would be like 5-7 pips or something to cast the spell.

Or at least being able for wizards and pirates to meet in a room (like the tavern cellars) and meet so they can be friends on each game with each other.

Stormy Oliver Zabra (Level 29 Buccaneer) and Coyle Thundrshard (level 48 Storm Wizard)

Nov 29, 2008
Both out Wizards and Pirates go to Mooshu, but it's actually clear why we don't see each other...

You know how in Hamamatsu Skyway there's this big wooden gate to the north? Or how in Subata & Khotan Skyways there are Windlanes heading north but we just can't go there?

I think we can all agree that the Skyway past there is a sort of Imperial Skyway where the Jade Palace Island is, where our Wizard spends their time in Mooshu.

Both characters are in the world but it's probably just a matter of "You have no business in the Imperial Skyway while the Emperor is sick, blah blah, Etc. Etc."