Witchdoctor Summon Spells

Dec 15, 2009
Its been bugging me for a while but, the witchdoctor's summon spells (the skeleton melee, ranged, and bone dragon ones) don't scale very well (or even at all) as you level.
This makes the spells practically useless at higher levels, as you're still summoning a lvl 5, 10, and 20 "pet" to the battlefield, along with their very small healthpools, which will often mean they die instantly in a single hit from an enemy.
I don't mind that their damage doesnt seem to scale, but their health, and apparently even their hit/dodge staying the same makes them useless in battle, and a waste of my char's turn when using basic attack wouldve been better.

Is this something that needs to be looked at for balancing, or intended that they become useless at higher levels and an automatic 'rightclick' off my skillbar whenever i see them come up?

Sep 08, 2008
That is the reason that Witchdoctor was no longer my first choice when deciding what class to play. Those 2 abilities (Bone Chantry and Wyvern's Song) will simply clutter up the power bar and be absolutely useless when it comes to the later parts of the game.

There is such a simple solution to fix these issues, and the same with the Witchdoctor companion. But, why is it not being resolved? I am not a developer, or the creator, so, I don't call the shots. If it were up to me, the solution: Summons will always be 4 levels below the caster, regardless what level the caster is.

Problem solved, no?

This issue has been brought up by me, or others, during the alpha as well, where I got to know the Witchdoctor first hand.