Witchdoctor Companions

Jan 28, 2011
I want to address the issue of not being able to stat in accuracy on my witchdoctor companions. In mooshu where accuracy is essential, witchdoctor companions fall way short of the curve and end up being a liability in pretty much every fight. Their limited one use spells land 100% but as for their basic attack its down right a joke to watch them even try. Not fair when there is a 20-30 point deficit in accuracy between witchdoctors and other classes at the same level. Can you please look into this or give a valid explination why this is?

The same statistical curves have been in effect since Level 1, it's just that they start to spread out even more when you get to Mooshu.
Witchdoctors have poor Accuracy.

The targets with good Dodge (Buccaneers and especially Swashbucklers) have poor Will and ZERO Resistance.

You can either aim at the targets with poor Dodge and decent Resist (Musketeers and Witchdoctors) or you can aim at the targets with better Dodge and no Resistance.

Also, as you might suspect, Dodge is a lot less useful against an area-of-effect attack than it is against a single-target attack.