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Witch doctor ideas!

Aug 01, 2014
Needle storm: User releases 5 needles from the sky in a 1 tile radius of their cursor. The first needle does 5% weapon damage, second does 50%, third does 100%, fourth does 200%, and fifth does 350%. Each needle is dodge able and stronger needles are easier to dodge.

Jobu's Shrine: User creates a skull turret within 3 tiles. Each turn the shrine deals 60% weapon damage and heals the creator half the damage. The turret has 250 health.

Companion: Lord of the Winter (looks like lord of winter from wizard101) (witch doctor)
Recruits 1 level above player

Ice Spear
Ice Spear

Ice spear: x1 weapon damage to enemy, and applies "Freezing" debuff to enemy for 3 turns. First turn, enemy becomes 15% slower, second turn, 30% slower, and last turn they become stunned. Enemies affected by "freezing" take more damage from Lord of Winter's moves.

Any other suggestions, feedback, or questions? Feel free to comment!

Jun 10, 2013
The first thing Ratbeard needs to do is make the needed fixes and ... bring ... back ... charm!

The only thing negative about your ideas is that they are too similar to the ice school found in Wizard 101, we need more unique things for Pirate 101, not things stolen from Wizard 101.

My idea for a future(Level 75?) Witchdoctor Power is called "Share The Health". Share The Health drains 50% of your Witchdoctor's health and gives an equal portion of it to everyone else on your team(companions, henchman, minions, pets, summons, and teammates).