Why not just raise the MS galleon stats?

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
One-eyed Jack... several Qs for ya here.

I noticed a new level 50 Mooshu galleon for sale, but it's plain & lacking in the fancy compared to the original.

I'm guessing you guys didn't raise the original's stats, b/c some players between level 42 & 49 would suddenly find themselves unable to use their ship, but the new ship is drab, plain, & lacks the detail the original has. I don't like it.

So what are the chances that you guys will bring Cid to the spiral so players can level up their favorite ships & stitch ship parts?

Also is there any way that you could make it so we can paint that sky blue keel & central mast arch poles on the MS galleon to match the hull?