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What Game World(s) do you want in P101?

Jan 28, 2014
Hey, so this topic has probably been already discussed, but I still want to discuss this question.

What Game World(s) do you want to see in Pirate101? Why?

I want to see Darkmoor, Polaris and Krokotopia. Those Worlds are my favorite unreleased ones so far. Not sure about Grizzleheim, though.

Petty Alicia Cog
Level 63 Musketeer

Nov 26, 2012
I would LOVE to see Grizzlehiem (I think that's how you spell it..). Especially since that is where my Pirate was from.
- of Lacey (61)

Oct 06, 2013
I would like to see a Untied Kingdom type worls

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Here are the world I'd like to see :P
Darkmoor - They might add it as the last world you visit before El Dorado, it sounds like a really powerful place.
Grizzleheim - The Armada has found a piece of the map.
Krokotopia - I feel like Krokotopia should be added just cause it has been mentioned so much, it almost seems relevant to the storyline.
Polaris - Napoleguin needs our help again and we get him as a companion, who wouldn't want a penguin to be apart of their crew? :P
I also think that they should add some story for Dragonspyre/Aragon Skyway, it seems to be lacking in atmosphere .-.
Wizard City - Why not speak to Merle Ambrose, to tell you where to go next, after probably saving Wizard City that is...

Noble Tyler Strong