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Wharf Rat Crewman?

Jan 17, 2012
Ever since I had to rescue Young Nick, I have wanted one of those chubby wharf rats. They are so CUTE!!!

But, no... I don't get one for a companion, I can't even buy one in the Crown shops.

Seems like the thing I want most in both Wizard101 and Pirate101 I can't have (In Wizard, I wanted a bear, of some kind. Could not get a bear pet, or a bear mount).

Please I can has wharf rat that I can rub the tummy of? Please?

Community Leader
There are a few other character models it would be fun to get as crew as well that aren't currently in the game. I'd like to get one of those stuffy poodle gals from Port Regal as a crew member. She could attack with a fan. Her special move could be pretending to faint and when the enemy leans in to see if she's okay, she whacks them in the face!

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Mar 04, 2010