Weapon/Skill Ideas

Apr 09, 2012
I was playing pvp with my friend earlier who uses a version of the infantry frostlock. I noticed that it had ice not just on the weapon but in its attacks. So I was wondering, what do other players think of being able to add elements to your weapons, or being able to by elemental weapons? I also think that there should be more weapons in general, or add crafting. With crafting weapons, I think you should be able to pick the two weapons in a set of dual wielding weapons, such as knife/sword, sword/gun, hook/sword, etc, etc. Pirates didn't have rules when it came to fighting, so we should be able to tailor gear, weapons especially, to our fighting. An example being a swashbuckler that also wants to use guns, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not aware of any shooty/stabby weapons.