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Ways to Improve The Game(October-December) Part 2

May 09, 2015
Continuation of "Ways to Improve The Game(October-December) Part 1"

I made a lot of grammar related mistakes in my previous post and probably will make more in this one as well, so I'm asking you to please excuse my grammar on each of these posts. I'm extremely tired and I just wanted to share my ideas before I forget about them.

Boss Loot Pool
I would really like to see more Boss related gear drop in the game. I'm honestly surprised a major boss like Kane doesn't drop more Boss gear.

He drops his mask but that's pretty much it. Sure he drops gear for our classes but I would really like to wear his mantle, his boots, his sword, and mask. It's kinda strange that he doesn't drop at least his cloak with his mask, because I've seen a Henchman in the crowns shop wearing his cloak! The Henchman I am referring to is the level 70 Swashbuckler Henchman Plucky Portia Marozzo. Also Wizard101 has Kane's cloak and sword. So it's kinda weird Pirate doesn't have those items in Kane's loot pool.

I would really like to see these items added to the loot pool soon.

Story Outfits

It never made since why to me on why we couldn't keep the outfits that we worn during the main storyline. I guess it was meant for you to wear those outfits for that specific occasion, but I really really loved the detail of the outfits!! I honestly loved the Jester Suit no matter ridiculous we looked in it.

The Armada uniform complete with the mask was amazing, and so was the Yak costume for the play inside the Moomori Clanhold. It's like why do we only see these costumes one time? We are pirates we collect treasure-able items.

Hope we can keep these items one day.

Practice Points

I feel like we should be able to earn more practice points even after we have done all of the quests. You really can't get everything you need with the current amount of obtainable practice points within the game. Which I guess is the point, however it wouldn't hurt to give us a way to earn 3 or 4 extra practice points after we have completed all the Zeke Quests.

Ranked Pvp Timer Fix

This is a small subject but I want to suggest this anyways. So I know they put a cooldown on the queue up for Ranked Pvp to stop people from queue dodging. But what if I want to change my companion line-up or fix my gear? I know it's only a 5 minute cooldown, however it is still annoying to get to be placed on a cooldown when I'm not trying to queue dodge.

Solution: Make the Queue Up like the Team Up. Don't give the player a cooldown if they back out when the play doesn't have a confirmed opponent yet, give the player the cooldown when they decline the match.

Example: Sometimes I queue up for the Tower Of Moo Manchu, but players may not be doing the tower at that time so I may leave eventually if I want to do something else. (I receive no cool down because the team was never full and the ready menu never popped up. If I decline when there is a team I get the cooldown. Get it?

Thoughts please

May 09, 2015
Also it would be very very cool to be able to stitch Kane's sword to any type of weapon. It would give a unique feel to the weapon. It will also be the first universal weapon in the game. I honestly just think Bosses should drop more of their personal clothing and weaponry.

Sep 11, 2016
Wow these are some good ideas! You're so creative!