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Ways to Improve The Game(October-December) Part 1

May 09, 2015
Before I talk about my suggestions for the game, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the recent content for Pirate. We got the kick off to Book 16 with the new storyline update, new eyepatches, new pets, new mounts, the return of pirate Halloween, and don't forget ship pvp!

Now to talk about some things that I think will improve the game long-term.

Level Cap

Sooner or later I feel like it wouldn't hurt to raise the level cap by maybe 5 or 10 levels and have us level up our chars by doing side quests. There are tons of them in the game so why not? I feel like this change would spice up gameplay overall (PvP, PvE, and Ranked PvP)

Also it will give the community a reason to get involved with doing side quests.Some people feel side quests aren't worth the time, because they don't give your character experience and give you gold most of the time, which is easily obtainable through bosses and high leveled worlds.

Companion Items

I've always thought the gear that our Starter Companions wore looked sicked, and for a long time I have personally wanted to wear their awesome gear on my pirate. Their weapons and all. Maybe we can get gear for each of their promotions? I think this would be a great thing to add to the game.

Team Rank Pvp

I've always wanted to team up with a friend and play against 2 other players in Ranked PVP.
Each team gets 2 companions total. That's one for each player on the team. Kinda like Battle Royale but with a buddy instead. The team up feature can use the same mechanics as the team up mechanic.But instead of placing 4 players separately it puts 2 players together.

Also maybe there can be special badges and special weapons for reaching the highest possible tier/rank within the game mode?

[Tag Team Champion]
[Tag Team Veteran]
[Tag Team Paragon]
[Tag Team Hero]

Something along those lines.

Maybe 3v3 or 4v4 can be a possibility for the future? Anyways I'm getting too ahead of myself.

For the time being I think 2v2 is a great way to kick off Team Ranked.

Name Change

Sometimes we really don't put much thought into creating our names, or we just simply want a different one.
I think this is must need feature in the game in my opinion. If this feature is added there should be a limit on it and can be used with crowns. The reason I think there should be a limit on this feature is because it might get confusing for your friends and the community. That's why I also think there should be an in-game tag under your new name or to the side of your new name formerly (OLD NAME) in character menu when you click on someone.

Character Appearance

I've always wanted to change my eye color,hairstyle,or hair color on my pirate because I personally don't like personal appearance of those things anymore.

This feature should be a slot in the customization menu or under the options menu.

I will continue this on another post.I am running out of characters.

Let me know what you think about my suggestions.

Sep 11, 2016