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W101 & P101 Updates

May 06, 2009
It's been quite awhile since Pirate101 has been updated and I know we're all antsy for the next chapter to be realsed and journey to a new place. But I often hear bits of aggravation and patience-pushed here and there. It's often things about "Enough with the teasers" and "Keep updating Pirate101, even it's unpopular" etc. etc.

I doubt Pirate101's next update has been slow to come out with because of unpopularity. The game is moving at Wizard101's pace right now, so honestly, it's fine. My guess, is that Pirate101's next update is MASSIVE; as in they're packing in a whole much of stuff and new groundbreaking (or is sky-breaking the correct term?) features to the game. Let's just role through some of the possibilities:

-New Content with new features never before seen
-Ship PvP/Ranked PvP/PvP Update
-Pets/Pet System
-Eyepatch Stitching
-New Companions/Companion Promos
-UI Touchups
-New Powers
-New Stats
-New Features
-New Trainers (or places to get new powers or new companions (again))
-Graphic Changes
-Adding that knockback back to Tempest of Torpedoes
-Easier to understand Epics
-Surprise Shrimps!
-And something completely, abosuletly, positively, confidently, without-a-doubt, most amazing, mind-scratching, head-turning, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, pirate-looting, El Dorado-searching, Armada-smashing, Skyway-sailing, Tavern-jigging, Yum-drinkingly barmy!

...I think that was actually all of the possibilites. Most of those that sound easy to say actually take a ton of work to really pull off. I mean Blind Mew said that they were planning something interesting for Chapter 15 that he doesn't know if they can pull off. And Ratbeards given us a couple of hints here and there. In short, this update is just full of many features that Wizards has (like Pets and "better" PvP) and tons of new features never before seen. And all of that takes time. Lots of it actually.

But when it's all said and done, it will more than likely be well worth it.

KI can't hold both Wizard101's and Pirate101's test realms up at the same time (for either technical reasons, safety of player's minds being blown from excitement, overworking of the employees, stress on the players to try both out or a combination of all of these) so that also adds to the mix. Right now, after Wizard101's Team Up! and Dungeon Recall features blow over, both games will need major updatings.

I, personally, hope Pirate101 get's their update out some time Mar-Apr, mostly because Wizard101 really needs to pay very close attention to Khrysalis Part 2. Also Pirate101's has been waiting nearly a year. However, because K2 is slated for early 2014, I would think KI plans that come out first. I'm not sure. Early could mean as late as May, which might be a better time for K2. I do know KI always does a summer update. It's just a matter of which game will be delayed till late Spring-early Summer.

Thanks for Reading

Aug 15, 2012
Three words: "Quality before quantity."

KI can take their precious time; they have yet to disappoint me, I'm pretty sure the update would be worth the wait.