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View Option to See What Can be Done on Maps

Jun 19, 2010
Pirates 101 is a very fun game.

Exploring everything the game has to offer is awesome when you're new; but as you continue to play and get your pirates to level 50; you shift your focus to finding or doing something you missed, fighting all the bosses, and doing whatever else is offered.

This is why I'd love to be able to see the following on a map:

- active quests - displayed as a green marker or symbol
- future quests - watermarked
- bosses - as a symbol for money, gear, etc...
- other - Symbol; question mark, star, etc...

This feature can be available to paid members, available in the crown shop, something awarded to players after so many months, etc...

A mouse over marker or symbol shares relevant info with players: this is part of quest____; you gain access to _____ by doing ____; here's Boss _______; explore this area to discover __________; etc...

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
I'd like to see something like this too.