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Upgrading Obsidian Blood Dungeon Drops

Oct 26, 2012
As most of you know, most of the new obsidian drops are underwhelming in terms of powers and stats, and probably need to be buffed in order to reflect the true nature of level 80 bosses. In this thread I will briefly examine Blood's Obsidian drops (level 70) relative to the Miranda drops (Level 35), and then suggest how I think the obsidian hats should be appropriately buffed.

Captain Blood's Obsidian Hat:

Obsidian Hat vs Miranda Hat:

  • The Miranda Hat: 6 magic resist and the ability Cadavers Chanty- a skeleton minion summon
  • The Obsidian Hat: 12 magic resist and Cadavers Chanty.

Upgrading the Obsidian Hat:

As we can see, the only real difference between a level 35 piece of gear and its level 70 alternative is 6 magic resist. The obsidian hat clearly needs more buffs- I recommend it to instead have:
  • 15 magic resist, 7 agility, 5 strength

  • Spirit Summon. This new ability will summon three of those green spirits in random parts of the board, just like how nightmare captain blood does in round three. I think this is very appropriate. The spirits would have 1000 health each and be as strong as level 70 doubloon summons.
Bloods Obsidian Reaver

Obsidian Reaver vs Miranda Hat:
  • The Miranda Reaver: 127 damage melee

  • The Obsidian Reaver: 180 damage melee

Upgrading Obsidian Reaver:

Clearly this is horrendous relative to miranda reaver. I suggest 300 base damage melee, with a super, mega, and epic strike as abilities

Blood's Obsidian Hook
Obsidian hook vs Miranda Hook:

  • The Miranda Hook: 126 melee damage with ability +Repel Borders 1

  • The Obsidian Hook: 195 melee damage with abilities +Repel Borders 1 and +Riposte 1

Upgrading Obsidian Hook:

I suggest making the hook have 250 melee damage, and alongside the repel and riposte 1 abilities, include a blade storm ability. This is because Obsidian Blood has blade storm 5 as well as repel 5 and riposte 5. This would also be something interesting for melee pirates like bucks and bucklers, who I personally thing don't have any great obsidian melee gear to farm for.
Bloods Obsidian Jacket
Obsidian Jacket vs Miranda Jacket:

  • The Miranda Jacket: 8 strength, 8 will, 28 magic resist, and the coveted ability Blood Flames (1000 base damage)

  • The Obsidian Jacket: 11 strength, 11 will, 40 magic resist and Blood Flames (1000 base damage)

Upgrading Obsidian Blood Jacket:

To an extent, I feel this is obscure upgrading it since the Miranda jacket is already powerful as it is. But nonetheless, a level 70 version should be notably nicer. I suggest 15 strength, 15 will, and 60 magic resist. Furthermore, Obsidian blood flames should have 200 additional base damage- so 1200 base damage. An alternate to this is to provide 2 additional single tile flame summons, also with 15 strength, 15 will and 60 magic resist.


Who cares about boots anyways its late goodnight and thx for reading.