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Unauthorized Change of clothes...

Oct 28, 2012
Howdy, I know this may sound strange, but when I logged into Pirate after their last round of updates improvements etc, my Pirate, Spiffy Kymma Windlass was no longer "Spiffy"! She is now a Pilgrim. Yep, you heard me, she has lost her way cool hat, and really slick duds, which I spent crowns on, so that I wouldn't loose her "Spiffy" look.
She is now attired in a what I consider a most boring set of clothing and which really does resemble a proverbial PILGRIM! Not cool. I reported this through the glitch feature on my computer, complete with my account name etc, and still she is clothed in her drab outfit.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I want my clothes back!

Hi! This does sound concerning! Our Customer Support has opened a ticket for you and will be following up over email about this issue with you. They may ask for more information and do further research as this does sound unusual.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Oct 28, 2012
Thanks so much One-Eyed Jack!

I'm currently trying to get the information you have requested, mainly through fishing. In other words, I've been attempting through battle, to coerce Marcus and Fin Dorsal to cough up the stuff scrolling over my backpack stats claims Spiffy's wearing. Thus far they've dropped what could be all, what I WAS wearing, and items which resemble Spiffy currently attire.

I've managed to convince them to give me all but the outfit which my stats claims Kymma is wearing, that's proving to be far more challenging than kicking the baddies backsides!