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Turret Bosses (specifically the MB turret)

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We got a large-ish group of us together tonight to farm the MB turret bosses, check out how difficult they were, if there were any unique drops, etc. We were trying to see if it would be more efficient for a nautical farming event than the mobs and bosses in Aquila.

We initially ran into some problems - every minute or so (possibly less) the entire game would crash for EVERYONE who was fighting. We'd get kicked out, send in our bug reports, sign back in, fight for half a minute and get kicked back out again. Since we all filed our bug reports I'll assume you guys will have that covered though, lol.

Once the group thinned out a little (about 7-8 ships if I recall) we were able to successfully battle a few turrets with no real issues... except for the drops. I hate to say it, but the drops for these simply aren't worth the trouble. The best drop we get was a horn that doesn't really compare to the boss drops out there, and that was only one drop after many fights. Aside from that one drop, we got only gold - for the most part, not a substantial amount of gold either. The respawn time was quite lengthy - the wait was too long, so we would simply switch realms after each fight, but we would run into several realms in a row that didn't have a turret, which got frustrating and time consuming. A nice short regen time on these would be great if you want to make them ideal for group farming.

Basically, there's nothing WRONG with the turrets as they are (aside from whatever the initial crash bug was, but I'm sure you guys will figure that out), but there's also no incentive to farm them. I'd love to be able to have a Naut XP/farming party at one of them, but for now the skyway bosses have better drops and are much simpler. If these guys dropped some fantastic no auction gear, we'd be ALL over it. :) I want to encourage people to farm these guys, but as of right now there doesn't seem to much of a reason to. If these were intended to encourage group NXP leveling/farming of a raiding type, I think they'd be well served by a tweak to their drops. It's a fantastic concept and I'd love to beat these guys up a little and get something substantial out of it. :)

May 02, 2010
I would mention the horn that dropped was a hit all horn and therefore very unique. But the gold drops even when they were not pathetically in 100 something range, barely rose above 1000. The gold is no where near worth the time and effort the turret takes to destroy. Only reason I can see to do the turret is to get the horn and move on.
Which means finding a group who will farm with you and hope you will get lucky before they tire out. As this can not be soloed. All and all what katherine said is true there is no real incentive to farm it.

Dec 08, 2008
Thank you for your post, Kat. I agree that, at the moment, there's little reason to farm any of the Turrent Bosses. If you pick up one that's about your level: you'll need a team to defeat it and if you go to a weaker than you: it will give you a greatly reduced amount of XP.

The issue that make players crash is here since the Test Realm, I recall forming a party of Central members to try out the MB turrent and many times all our games crashed, which is annoying and very time-consuming.

The bosses in Aquila indeed have better drops than the Turrents. I think that adding No Auction ship equipment to them would be a good solution, however I fear for people that may not be able to group up to face these turrent and get their drops, which would put them in a disadvantage that may turn up trouble-some when the difficulty of ship battles will be increased to challenge the players that have the No Auction ship equipment. And, of course, keep the challenge optional would be the first-thought solution but then we would have the inverted issue(ship battles too easy for players that have the good equipment from the turrents).

From my point of view, the best(and actually simplest) solution would be add to their drop table items that are available by other means. That could be dropped items with the stats as regular ship gear of higher lvl areas with lower nautical lvl requirement, or items sold in the Crown Shop(we really need more Crown dropped equipment anyway). These two ways would end up in almost the same thing, since it seems that the best ship gear dropped in Aquila will soon be available in the Crown Shop(under different names and lower lvl requirement).

Again, thank you for your post; and I hope KI listen to you and this thread to improve these turrent bosses.


Thanks for your reports. We were able to replicate the crash when attacking the turret with more than ten players at once and will be looking at getting it fixed.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
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Mar 10, 2009
Just letting you guys know that along with the horn, that turret drops MB heavy galleon sails that boost the whole fleet.