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True Friend Player Trading, Party Options

Feb 22, 2009
I play this game with my RL friends only and I wish there was a way that we could trade non-crown items to each other because I find gear that's good for others and likewise for them. An option for RL friends to access your "Shared" bank would be nice.

Also, when you are in a party of 3 or less it would be nice to make an option that other people may not join in dungeons or battles with you. If you are soloing, that's fine. You are soloing. But if you're with a group less than 4 and you just want to play with that group, an option to lock out other people (provided you joined the battle or instance first) would be nice.

Also, when grouped and we have to collect items from blowing up ships, or killing mobs, we gather items at a different rate. It would be nice if we could gather them at the same rate while in a group.

Thank you for your time! Great work and please keep the improvements coming!