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Jun 02, 2010
Hey KingsIsle, I love both wizards and pirates, but one thing came to my attention that I would really like to see in pirates now. As you likely recall, in wizard101 inside the crowns shop there exists a feature to buy creature transformations. This was always fun cause you could look like a creature for up to an hour and it made pvp very fun and comedic sometimes as well as general questing. I would really love to see this in Pirate101 and after seeing the mechanics of how the smuggler's arena handles npcs without the assassin strike animation handling the move assassin's strike I believe the functionality exists for this feature to be added. This is only a suggestion that would make gameplay more fun for me seeing as how I've already beaten the game twice. Some creatures that I suggest to be options for this should you take notice to my idea are the following, but if anyone has an idea for a creature they would like to be then please comment or reply with your suggestion.

List of creatures I think should exist for this feature:
- Female Fencing Mouse
- Troggy
- Armada Troop (melee and ranged)
- Skeletal Pirate (you did this one in wizards)
- Marelybone Dog (musket and dockworker)
- Aztecsaur mummy (the musket class appearance)
- Cool Ranch banditoad
- monquistan guard
- one-eyed jack (this would be really cool in my opinion, but i know he has no animations so this is the least of what i could expect should this occur)
- aquilan hoplite (eagle)

Ps If you would be considering maybe doing iconic characters in the story such as boochbeard or avery or even others such as, captain blood, deacon, rooke, phule, etc. I think these would be fantastic, but i can also imagine them being either more expensive or crowns only as we didn't have really any iconic character transformations appearing in wizard101 except for gamma which wasn't available in the crowns shop. Thanks again for taking notice and I hope to hear form you guys soon. Love you and keep doing what your doing!

Charming Rachel Everhart (Level 65 )