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Trading System?

Nov 01, 2009
I was thinking that it wold be nice to have a trading system like on wizard101. We could trade companions,powers or other things.

Feb 27, 2009
Ya going to far, I think unless if you can sell them for crowns that would be great or gold but if you put crowns that will help you with wiz and pirate.

Dec 21, 2009
Hi i agree with you, gold and crown would be great But what if you threw in normal stuff too? that would be awesome because you could sell equipment you can't use or don't want to other players for gold . Well Toodle loo!

Aug 12, 2010
I believe that their should be a trading system or at least like an Auction House! I have plenty of good gear that I used at lower levels but dont wan't to sell them off for only 3 gold..... They cost hundreds of crowns and I don't see that as fair to be sold off for 3 gold just for more space in a pack/safe etc.

Nov 24, 2012
yep i would totallyy like to auctuion my egg shen off for crowns

Feb 08, 2009
i'm new to posting so idk if this is the proper venue, but a few key points as I've been reading thru:
Companions; I agree there are waaay to many crew members and I would truly love to just lose some of them :) in KI's favor, you have made it easy for us to level up the truly low level stinky comps with only one tp, however, tp's are so very outrageously expensive after a certain level, and it would be really helpful, if you won't let us put some crew members away, then add more tp books to "find". I've completed one char and another is level 45- out of both, I have only found maybe 5 books. Perhaps crew members could level up during battles?
Ships: I think we all spend lots of money on ships- you have to if you want to complete quests as you level up and move into new areas. However, it would be really really super if you could shared bank ships for other characters. I am fully aware this subject has been beaten to death, but really. Especially crown ships- although I realize that's not very fair for those who can't afford crowns. But for those of us who can, I am wasting roughly 30k in crowns on ships that I will never use again and can't really sell because I have to buy new ones. So, even if we can't shared bank them, perhaps you could make it so we can sell them back for crown refunds- even if its only a quarter of the original price.

Lastly, in the card pack, the gear is not very pirate-y looking ;( It's very wizard 101 looking. and there are several items, namely gate-type things, that I cannot place. Anywhere. A very frustrating bug.

Thx for listening. I've been playing wiz since you started - my son got me into it. And now that pirate has come along, my poor wizards are probably feeling forgotten- but y'all are doing AWESOME. Beautiful creativity. Kudo's to the creative teams.

May 13, 2011
Community Leader
Not sure exactly what your referring to regarding Trading system.

If you are referring to the ability to trade items to other players, KI has been pretty adamant about NOT implementing such features because of the additional complications that arise from such functionality. (ie scams, mistakes, disgruntled participants, etc)

As far as trading among your own set of pirates, they do allow this for many things, except for houses, companions, and ships. Trading of companions between a players pirates could prove very problematic as it would require the companion to constantly be reconfigured to the receiving pirates level/abilities (if the companion had been at a level higher than the receiving pirate in the first place). It wouldnt be fair/right to be able to trade a level 50 companion having done all their promotions, to a lower level pirate without nerfing the companion to what is possible for that companion at the new lower level pirates level.

If your having trouble accumulating enough tomes to train your pirates, change your companion leveling strategy. I personally only train my companions when they are 9 or more levels below my pirate, giving them 3 levels per training tome when I do train them. With this method I have about 130 training tomes accumulated by my pirates level 50 to train all my companions up to level 50. I also usually have too much gold because I am not spending it on training tomes (i constantly hit gold cap), so my pirates end up with full fleets of ships for them to use as they level up.

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