Tired of this happening

Jul 04, 2009
At last ONCE a day my screen goes completely black. Usually happens when going from one skyway to another. I dunno what is wrong but it wont even close out. I literally have to log off my user to get it to go away, not even task manager works. -.-

Please get that fix, that's my main problem though I do got a few others.

•Once in a while your ship goes out of boundaries when going from world to world so you have to port back to whatever life fountain you were just at.
•Sometimes your character gets stuck off of the ship or is standing in mid air
•There is a glitch with the jackalope where if you have it equipped as a pet, it follows you as well as your first mate. I mean I like that glitch, but some users might not think it's "fair."

I hope the one glitch gets fixed because I am very tired of it and I am VERY.

Thanks for the great websites (Including wizard101), I just hope you get the major bugs out of the game before you get too many users.