Time to add in Turkey Companion

Feb 27, 2009
This Thanksgiving vacation through today to next Wednesday there should be a gift box on your screen and if you may have guessed it's a TURKEY COMPANION! If ya at the lowest lvl 1, he would be be lvl 3 and ya gotta claim him this companion between now to next Wednesday so sry guys that aren't lvl 50, ya might not get the Turkey to lvl 52 before it's to LATE! This special comes around once a year, so say GOOBLE, GOBBLE, and make ya TURKEY CHEER! Don't eat him though tonight for Thanksgiving Dinner! That goes for you to KI so get him now while you can so ya can get yer self a turkey and show it off to all ya friends! First promtion lvl 7, Turkey Marine. Next at lvl 45 he get's be a sniper!

Jacob Freeman lvl 21 and if ya add him put that same exact message down for the update notes and on the game launcher to! Have a nice Thanksgiving or Turkey Day like what, KaylatheWizard says! Hey Pirate's and Wizards don't go together! OW OW OW! Sry bout that but all I said was a YouTube channel! OH! So once again get ya self a turkey!