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Nov 11, 2008
I originally posted the following on Wizard101 Central, but I figured it would get more views here.

Hi there.
When the Spring 2014 updates were first released, I was one of the many who thought I would hate the majority of them. After experiencing them for myself, however, I came to realize they were not as bad as I had initially thought and I am now very much enjoying them. Except for one thing -- time.
The new update brought many awesome features, including Advanced Pets and Advanced Companions. The biggest problem I have with these two updates it the amount of time you have to wait in order for the training or task to be completed.
When you first start out training a level one pet, the time it takes to train is small -- roughly five minutes. As you gain levels, however, the time quickly increases, going up to even days.
When you send companions on chores, the time required is enormous, especially when multiple companions are on the same chore. I once had to wait fourteen days for a chore to be completed, or I could pay 10,000 Crowns for it to be completed instantly. Fourteen day or 10,000 Crowns ($20) for five hundred gold, with a very slim chance at 30,000 (or a piece of gear, nautical XP, etc.)
While I know Companion chores are both optional and an easy way to gain gold, nautical XP, etc, I really think fourteen days is a huge price to pay.
Another thing that requires time is Bed Rest. You must wait in many cases hours for a companion to be fit for battle once they have fallen.
When thinking about these time consuming activities, I am forcefully reminded of those mobile device games that require you to wait or pay.

I ask of you, KingsIlse, that you would lower the time required for the above listed activities. They are a great bonus to Pirate101, and I think lessening the time required would help greatly.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
The time factor happens when you have nearly all your companions doing tasks. I have only a third of my crew devoted to tasks and have never been made to wait more than 30 hours for a task to be completed. The pet training makes sense, as your pet gains levels doing activities the activities get more complicated and your pet gains more powers.

Oct 18, 2013
You do need to consider that even though it takes more time as your pet gets older, the tasks are more rewarding.