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Timberwoo ( game world )

Petty Officer
Aug 04, 2010
Timberwoo is a game world with lots of upright Timber wolfs with weapons called the Timberwoo ( Timber-W-OO) The Timberwoo tribe is very peaceful and instantly gratify to outsider pirates and live close to Grizzleheim, however they are strict, harsh, and brutal to their own wolfs. Timberwoo have to be tough to be a true Timberwoo. The saliva spitters ( musketeers ) have to run three years straight in The Hottest parts of Timberwoo without sitting down! The rest have to wear jagged timber for six years straight! However the chief has to do both! The Timberwoo show no sympathy nor mercy to there mortal enemies, The Howlers. The Howlers are Upright Coyotes with weapons and they call themselves the Howlers because they want to make every one think they can howl but really only the chiefs can!

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~ Strong Andy Armstrong Lv. 62 ~