Jan 20, 2009
Privateers and Buccaneers get a talent 'Loud' (and Loud 2 and 3) from their trainer.

I submit that these talent have exactly ZERO impact on gameplay, as enemies attack seemingly random targets each turn.

My question is this: If your game doesn't really have a threat system implimented, why pretend that it does?

It may help to understand that the enemies build a list of possible actions every turn, and sometimes they are allowed to pick really dumb actions. In fact, sometimes, those really dumb actions save your bacon.

My goal is to reduce those dumb incidents as much as possible without making the game too difficult.

There was a period of time during beta, if I recall correctly, when the AI was just mercilessly picking on the weakest characters they could find-- usually a pretty smart strategy-- which unfortunately turned out to be Bonnie Anne or Sarah Steele a lot of the time (low health and armor, and high damage, so they looked like a big threat and an easy target).

So... folks thought we were just picking on the girls.

As for threat, specifically, I hear you. I'll investigate.

Dec 18, 2012
I am agree with the OP, threath doesn't work fine, if i play a tank i want enemies to give attention to me and not to my weaker companions, if:

1. one enemy at time for maybe 1-2 turns give attention to me
2. meantime others go to hit my companions
3. and i can't stop enemies more than one turn and always single target (hold the line) and only if it is coming in my direction

i am not tanking, i am just trying to emulate a tank and with bad results, in other mmorpgs a tank like this one would be kicked from every team , tanks need to take aggro/threath and need to maintain it on them, atm this game doesn't offer any way to keep the aggro/threath (or to build it).

Pve is not so much difficult to need all this threath system but if i wanted to go DPS i would go DPS, if i want to go tank i want to be able to tank efficently and not to be instead like a wannabeDPS since that threath system doesn't work .

Jan 20, 2009
Thanks for the reply Ratbeard. How about a difficulty setting in the options? Then, people who wanted to turn on "Smart" AI could and more casual players could leave it the way it is. Group encounters would always favor the lowest setting of anyone in the group, of course.

Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
I agree, threat seems to be quite weird at times. I am happy when the enemies target my buccaneer, but that is kind of rare. What would be nice is an AoE threat generating ability for buccaneers.

Dec 18, 2012
Just bringing a proof of the evidence: yesterday we were in 3 vs Friar Sand, well at first turn i gone to hit him for first with a vicious charge, in that turn he also hitted me and i hitted him back with a vengance strike, my third mate used a Mournsong on Friar and guess what? When was Friar's turn he just walked toward the centre of the arena , i mean... i was in front of him nose loudy like a one man orchestra and he walked away? But this thing happens costantly, i can get the mob's attention only if i travel a long path (in large arenas) and let them to surround me meantime my companions walk to frontline, at that point enemies start to scatter .

My idea: give to buccaneers (characters) an "aura" with a 3x3 range, all enemies inside this aura should give priority to buccaneer as target.

Apr 05, 2012
I have just noticed the talent "Loud" for buccaneers is no longer a threat reducing talent but an increase to dodge.
I'm not sure when this happened or if its a bug?

This is NOT TRUE!
Sorry folks, It was a bug with my interface getting stuck on another talent.
"Loud" does in fact reduce threat.

Now I just wish it worked better