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Thoughts on some weapons...

Sep 03, 2010
Just going to go on a bit of a tangent here but,
some of the weapons in this game just don't make sense in my opinion. We can start right off with the crown shops Raiding Tackle. Obviously this weapon is meant for Privateers given it's granted power, and the fact that there was also the Seasheller released which was obviously for Buccaneers given that weapons granted power. The one problem though? They are both strength based weapons.. The Privateer class is based on will; we train will buffs, it's our highest stat, most of our gear contributes to increasing our will, yet this weapon so clearly made for Privateers is based off strength. Doesn't necessarily make sense in my eyes. This isn't the only account of weapons giving odd statistics though. The "Drakaris Banner", a weapon that grants the ability Repel Boarders, which is a Privateer ability mind you, is a solely strength based weapon. For reasons already stated, you see why this is a bit odd. Especially being when you look at the "Gargoyle Shield", a weapon that grants the user the Hold The Line ability. Now this ability is something that Buccaneers naturally get but you see, their class is based on strength, not will. These weapons, while the skills they give are great, become inevitably much less efficient than most others due to the incorrect stats that they give(will, agility, strength
). Are they still usable, yes, but the question is why are these weapons worsened for no apparent reason?
This next part I guess is opinion based, but to me the Witchdoctors champion weapon, "(season) Champions Sceptre" looks like a fancy carrot.. I think instead of getting the wand, they should've given the Crystal Ball that Vadima also holds. On the topic of champion weapons, why do the Privateers have a spyglass and not The Commodores sword? I know this is a game and to takes things with a grain of salt but I don't think a spyglass is much of a weapon.

Anyways, these are just a couple thoughts, feel free to respond or not. Hopefully whoever is left working on the Pirate101 side of things actually looks at this and takes some stuff into consideration, I know a lot of my friends who play would appreciate some of the changes mainly to the statistics of the weapons.