Things that Need to be Changed or Added

Jul 10, 2009
One thing is combat takes much to long and is much harder than in wizard101. Honestly, I love the combat in that game. I liked the new combat system for i'd say, one battle. Then it sucked. Though I love the Naval Combat very much and the only thing about naval combat is that it would be AMAZING if you could ram other ships. And I know combats a drastic thing to change, so I don't think you should change this as it may make you lose players.

Another thing is Ships have nothing on them. I mean, They are for transport and Naval Combat, But you could make it so you can go into the quarters and such... It would be amazing to have a movable player home. You wouldn't even have to make the outside customizable, just the quarters and maybe add some crates and stuff to the deck.

Another matter, Housing. There are only two homes obtainable in game to my knowledge and they are both similar. They really need to add Variety to the homes and I hope they do. I loved homes like the storm house in Wizard101, and I still do. They have much character and are quite unique. I like the items you can place in your house and I love that there are no krok tablets or anything. (Those get annoying and are an eyesore) But I mean, you could make some castles that pirates took over or something. OR Make NORMAL homes like the ones in Wizard101.

So, Kingsisle. Will you do what your fans ask? Please?

All in Favor, Say "Aye!",
And if you have other suggestions feel free to put them in a Reply.

Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
I do agree that the battles in Pirate do take a long time (even longer with more people involved) but saying that they are harder than Wizard battles is very much a matter of opinion. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, you do need more strategy in Pirate, but once you get used to the new game play (and stop comparing it directly to Wizard) you should find it quite fun. If you are still having troubles then just ask for some advice on how to improve your strategy. There are many here who will lend a hand.

Ship battles, I agree, are fun. But on your own can be quite annoying. Even with three people I still had some troubles. But again, you just need to think things through before battling. Also, I don't think ramming would be good, however I think you can get a spell for your ship that is a giant ram (that's the closest you can get to ramming a ship).

More customisation for ships would be nice.

More housing will be coming. The game has only been out a few months, so give it time.