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The Wolf Pack (Crown Shop Pack Idea)

Oct 17, 2010
Hello all, here is my idea for a crown shop card pack!

Well, for the first part I'll tell you about the companions. Five of them, and three are female. Thought my fellow female pirates would enjoy that little bit of information!

Witchdoctor is Rose Moone, the grandmother wolf.
Musketeer is Edmund Moone, the father wolf.
Privateer is Ann Moone, the mother wolf.
Buccaneer is Joseph Moone, the brother wolf.
Swashbuckler is Catherine Moone, the sister wolf.

Now for a little background information. This is about the beginning of Cool Ranch, just imagine sailing into the giant wide open sky with your family looking for a place to settle down and live for hopefully your entire life. That's what this family of wolves did when Cool Ranch was still young. This small family pack of wolves is the Moone pack, they were one of the first and only wolf packs in Cool Ranch, and the only one surviving. Don't you notice how many birds flock Cool Ranch now? What about predator-like animals? Most of the packs were driven out by the birds' lust for discovering new land and this pack wants to find a new home, with your crew.

I spent a lot of time thinking over this and would really like some input from some of you before I elaborate on the companions, the mounts, and the other goodies tucked away into this pack. So go ahead, ask questions and tell me stuff you would like to see in this pack!