the valencian king fight idea.

Oct 15, 2012
Basically you come in to fight him for the piece the armada has and you find that he looks completely roboticly enhanced,basically he is a cyborg and he has no class he can switch classes whenever he wants which is basically his "cheat" and when he does it plays his dying animation and his left arm looks diffrient
buccaneer-axe for an arm
musketter-minigun for an arm
privateer-sword for an arm
swashbuckler-robotic arm with a butterfly knife
witchdoctor(probabbly most unrealistic but hear me out for this)-A laser cannon of doom(that looks like megaman's arm cannon
that's my idea if we ever fight the king of valencia OH ALMOST FORGOT
his design:he has mechanical wings,a robotic eye a computer brain that sticks out of his head filled with gears and wires(kinda creepy)and his arm as i previously mentioned and robotic hooves
well that is my idea if we ever get to fight him
silver joseph vane