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"The Shadow of Death" request

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011

There's a little request I may need to ask of you.

Before accepting the quest, "The Shadow of Death", there's a dialogue line that may need to be cut.

During our conversation with Madame Esmerelda, the conversation ends with her line, "You may delay all you like, but you cannot escape your fate. Death lies before you, and is the key to your future. Find him!", but once I accepted that, I talked to her again, & she says the same line from that conversation. I think that line is supposed to be for her with the grey question mark hovering on her head, indicating that the quest has yet to be completed. I think that her duplicated dialogue line should be cut from that conversation with her so it only ends with Ratbeard saying, "Corn? Ought t'be easy enough to find. Let's go to Santo Pollo and look in the marketplace.".

That's my request. Hope you can do that soon, if you please.

Thanks for listening!