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The Pirate101 Team.

Jul 26, 2009
I'd just like to really say great job to the team who works on Pirate101.

I'm a lot like One-eyed Jack in some ways. I originally am from the Wizard101 Community (Class of '09) and first off let me just say the Wizard101 team do a snazzy job as well. I am honored to play my part in the community as a fansite owner (Petnome Project), giving back as hopefully best I can. (Btw Greyrose is awesome! Jack you're great too, no stealin' Greyrose's candy).

Anyway, I've always loved fantasy, and of course I am an adult. Wizard101 is great, but like many of the adult players from W101 I felt there wasn't really a "dark, morally grey-ish" feel to W101. I think the darkest I ever seen W101 go is with the recent Azteca story. Not the writer's fault of course W101 is as most put it the "Luke" of the KI games. In comes, Han Solo, and let me tell you Han shoots first and asks questions later and that's exactly how Pirate101 feels.

Me and my spouse (SorceressMiklai) absolutely love the dialogue, the settings, and especially the unique interaction between companions. I believe that this has created a uniquely rich experience for older players as well as the youngsters. I don't want to even go into how much I love the story for this game. It seems to simple, at first, but soon you realize that this isn't merely about a city of gold anymore. It's more than that, it's about redemption, betrayal, going with your gut, and stickin' it out come hell or high water with your crew.

I'll also say I am very fond of how masterfully Wizard101 is woven into Pirate101. I wish it was as expertly executed in Wizard101, but I digress. Speaking of, the more we learn about El Dorado, Ratbeard or Blind Mew, I hope we can shed some more light on the citizens who dwelled there. ( As well as the Celestians who had contact.) I am a firm believer that you folks (W101 & P101) can have a gold mine with the Celestians. I guess that is my only Suggestion. But all in all I just want to give some "Feedback" but really just appreciation on a masterful game that is a testament to time, that you don't need blood or gore, but like a great book, all you need is a great story, colorful characters to fill it, and you get an ageless quality to it that can be enjoyed by all. You guys have thus succeeded in this pursuit. I look forward to future updates and see you all in the Skyways!

Brave Sam Laveer, Lv 65 Privateer
Alric Ravensinger, Sorcerer

"P.S. Privateers shall rule the Skyways and it will be beautiful!"

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Apr 19, 2012
I also am a Wizard101 veteran. When I first heard that there was going to be a Pirate101 game I was, think I'll stick to wizarding. However an in-game friend of mine talked me into trying it. Long story short...I have been playing since the game came out in beta and look forward each day to being able to log in and sail the skyways. I love the game. Every part of it. The way it looks and plays, the funny little references the characters make, the interactions between all the characters in the game....all of it. Thanks KI.

Wicked Erin, Self Appointed Unlimited Class World Swashbuckling Champion Supreme...aka
Red India, Self Appointed Unlimited Class Master Musketeer World Champion Supreme...aka
Dark Destiny, Self Appointed Unlimited Class Witchdoctor Dark Arts World Champion Supreme