The Pirate Games! (Side world for pirate101)

Dec 11, 2010
Here is my idea for what could be a side world for pirate101.
The level required to receive the starting quest will be level 45 or so

In the pirate games you will need to solve various puzzles and many difficult battles but there is one catch to these great games.

While your entire crew may tag along ONLY your first mate will fight with you. Who will you bring? Who is making a mess of the games? (Maybe its that mysterious Dead-Eye Tyler Collins that entered right before you?) and who will take home the prize known to some as the Golden Pigg. (I wont say who or what it is for that is up to you to find out)

P.S. The pirate's name I mentioned is a reference to my swashbuckler

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
* Rubs hands together & wriggles in seat.* Oh I love puzzles. There were times in Wiz where I was totally in my element because I had to use logic and the process of elimination or just plain reading carefully to solve a puzzle. Just loved them. The more of those the better.

May 06, 2009
A side world offering some kind of rumble or tournament to compete in wouldn't be bad at all. I like it. How it will work is something I'd be interested in.

I also think some worlds mentioned in this arc, but may not make it into the main story, would be good worlds to travel to as a side adventure. Rajah or Celestia would make fine worlds in my eyes.