The only problem i have

May 08, 2014
The only problem I have with the game and the most annoying part is all the back and forth. Lets say you forgot to set your mark and you are all ready across the map well now 8 minutes of your game time was going to the place and going back. Or if you have to go to a new area you get to the arena after 6 minutes of doing nothing and your quest requires you to report back to the person who sent you. Now 12 minutes of you game time was doing nothing. Its not bad in skull island but places like monquista and coopers roost it Is just dreadful.

Wicked cyrus sharp level 40

May 09, 2013
It was a lot worse before they added markers. That's all part of questing. And if you forget to place a marker, that's your own fault. I'm fine with it.