The Friend Menu

Jun 08, 2011
Something odd I just discovered about it...

It does not tell you the true level of your friends.
For a long time, I've had a pair who it was reporting were levels 11 and 16, yet I was seeing them being in high level areas when I checked with the "go to your friend" button. Tonight, I actually did make the teleport, having seen that the level 11 friend was in the same skyway in Mooshu that I was. His image on the menu jumped and changed, not just updating his clothing but also his level. He was level 44, not the 11 it had been reporting all this time.

Sep 10, 2008
why is it that sometimes you click enter and it says you're trying to whisper to a friend even though there is not a 'group' menu to turn it off. it slowly builds a list of friends to whisper to and i have to click the regular chat bubble. it is annoying.