The Dream Tavern (A tavern/hang out area)

Dec 11, 2010
This tavern is a huge place full of various rooms for various types of Pirates.

A few examples
Like sharks? Visit the Buccaneer room and have a blast :D
Feeling naturally spooky? Then the Witchdoctor section will be a great hangout.

Also behind this lovely tavern is a nice sandy beach with various portals that send you to even more beautiful places to chat and admire, including a very nice vacation cruise like ship sailing through the air.

And for those that are weary after a fight, Relentless Ryan (who will be in the main hall) plus a couple others (Hint hint Chrissy and a few other well known members here) will each be at a different hall to help sell some yum cake to boost your health back up for only 100 gold.

Also there will be a few new companions based off your class. (One for everybody and they will have plenty of promotions and some nice epics) They will be waiting inside the room corresponding to your Pirate class and will have a quest in order to prove if your worthy of their assistance.

And the best part is that it is free for any and all Pirates, a new island will appear around Skull Island and Jonah Town and will become accessable the moment you get your raft and start sailing. (Btw Captain Avery will have a quest that sends you over there to meet a special old friend of his, who is the special friend? Well lets just say that this Headmaster isn't from around skull island. )

Lots of fun await in The Dream Tavern. Make new friends, meet Avery's old friend, gain a brand new companion out of many.

Btw here are the class companions (just names and do note their class is the same as the class that gets them)

Buccaneer: Orla le Orca (Orca soldier, female companion)
Swashbuckler: Rosa le fleur (Swashbuckling Rabbit, female companion)
Musketeer: Sakura (Sniper Dolphin)
Privateer: (Privateer get 2 instead of 1 ) Crabeh and Snappeh (Twin Crawlie knights)
Witchdoctor: Old Bones (Ancient Shark)

Hope all of you liked this :D

Note: The twin crawlie companions have the same stats/powers/etc and their own promotion quests, but they are better when next to each other on the battle board, via the epic "Twin Power" that they share. While next to each other they double each other's damage and armor/resist.