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The Doubloons are getting annoying

Aug 09, 2013
Now, I love Doubloons, don't get me wrong. They were a great feature and I always use as many doubloons in PVP as I can. There is one issue I have though. While I farming with a few of my buddies at Friar Sands place, I always like to throw in a treasure bath doubloon so we could get extra loot. Here is my problem; My treasure bath is on the first slot and is suppose to appear in like what? every fight? I began farming Good Ol' Sandy and I noticed my treasure bath didn't show up. I discarded all the doubloons that I didn't want to use hoping I would get the treasure bath in the next round. The next round came, and nothing. I though to myself "alright. I guess I wasn't lucky that round" The next battle. Again same as the first. The next battle, STILL no treasure bath. about ten more battles later, no other news besides the fact that IT NEVER CAME UP. I began getting suspicious about it and was wondering if I was extremely unlucky or if this was a bug. This also game me a little idea for content. Before this new update came out, most of you know that companions would appear depending on their position in your companions list. Of course there is the first mate that always appears in a battle with your pirate. Thats when the idea came to me. I think it would be a little fair for the doubloon or even powers to always show up if they are in the first slot. Meaning, if I have my treasure bath in the first slot, I think it should always show up in a battle so that you don't have to discard any powers or doubloons that you kind of want to use. But please check this little issue out. I am not sure if this is a bug or if I just have TERRIBLE luck, but please do let me know what the result is. Thanks!