The Dance of Steel has too much kicking

Sep 29, 2010
I love the "Dance of Steel" move on my swashbuckler, but the thing is, when a player does it with the two knives, the character does cartwheels and kicks the enemies in their heads. I think the character spinning around in a circle with their blade held out and slashing all the enemies the entire time would be allot better. And when a player does it with the sword and dagger combo kit, the player looks like they are floating in the air, I think spinning around in a circle like what a player does with the two knives set would be much better. That's just my thought.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

May 06, 2009
Well it is called the "Dance of Steel." Shouldn't we be doing something with dancing? lol. I think keeping the spears, the knives/daggers, and the swords having they're own animation gives for more choice and giving players the use of what they like over something else in terms of the animation of this Power. I like the kicking with the knives for Swashbucklers. It really shows they have finace. If you'd prefer for your Swashbuckler to spin around like a torando on the loose, then you're free to find a powerful slashy/stabby weapon and still keep the damage for your Stabby weapons.(or stitch weapons if that ever does come out. Hmm, looks like Zeke's gonna have another tag-along even on the outer reaches of the Spiral)

Hope that helps!

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
I like the kicking and jumping, the problem I have is that the camera is too close and you can't see it all.